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Download Shoppu app and get RM20 off + free shipping. Minimum spend is required: RM75

Shoppu Online Shopping Site

Shoppers find Shoppu as a haven for irresistible sales and awesome voucher codes. Not only that. You can also enjoy secured payment with the aid of secure payment services. Shoppu is a mobile-friendly site and you can shop anytime, anywhere straight on your mobile.

Have a great shopping experience with the use of a Shoppu coupon and voucher. Learn how to redeem them to avail a fast and more convenient way of shopping. Shoppu showcases a variety of popular brands such as Apple, Gintelle, Philips, Shills, Blackmores, Samsung, Daniel Wellington, and so much more. Grab the chance to save money by using a Shoppu voucher. Shoppu Malaysia is the best way to express your love for online shopping.

Shoppu is your new one-stop retail destination

More and more online shoppers in Southeast Asia are becoming more interested in Shoppu. With their fascinating products and exciting selections of Shoppu coupons, there’s no way online shoppers would ignore this shopping site. Level up your shopping experience by getting a Shoppu coupon which you can use every time you shop.

Every shopper may avail a wide selection of coupons. Purchase your chosen product at a much discounted rate with the use of a Shoppu voucher code. Shoppu is one of Malaysia’s fastest-growing shopping sites that provides top quality products at the most reasonable price on the market.

The site started as a business project in November 2015 under the company Aeon Co. which aims to establish a strong merchandising system for both online and offline shopping experience.

Getting the best deals & Shoppu Voucher Code

In addition to best prices online, Shoppu Malaysia also offers an exciting Shoppu Voucher for every online shopper. The more you shop on this shopping site, the more discounts you get. Read the following to learn how you can avail the best deals when you buy a Shoppu.

  • Go to the Shoppu Voucher page on and choose you a deal you want.
  • After clicking the ‘Get this Deal’ button, you will be redirected to Shoppu homepage where you can use the coupon.
  • To start browsing for products to buy, you need first to “Log in” and fill in your email address and your password. If you are still unregistered, you need to create a Shoppu account.
  • When the account is ready, click “Shop by Categories” for a more convenient shopping.
  • If you have found a product you wish to buy, just click it to go directly to the product page. Then choose the product that fits you in terms of size or quantity.
  • Click “Add to Cart”.
  • Then, go to the checkout page to see the product details. You may either fill in the “Estimate Shopping and Tax” for a quote on the shipping price or just click “Proceed to Checkout”.
  • You will receive a confirmation email that contains all the details of your purchase.

Get your Shoppu Discount Code

As far as shopping options are concerned, Shoppu provides online shoppers various ways to buy a wide range of online products ranging from mobile phones to kids and baby items. All of these products are ready to purchase with great discounts which shoppers can avail using a Shoppu discount code and Shoppu voucher code.

If you are looking for an eCommerce store that can offer great deals on popular mainstream brands and gadgets including Samsung and iPhones, Shoppu can provide you lower pricing compared to high streets throughout Malaysia. Don’t waste time and get your own Shoppu coupon to find the best promos and start buying items you wish to purchase at more affordable price.

Discount Codes and Coupons in Electronics & Gadgets

Look for your Shoppu voucher code in the electronics and gadgets section and have the chance to avail the best discounts and coupons when buying new gadgets like laptops and gadgets. Shoppu with active and dedicated electronic teams can make sure you will have special offers and deals from the largest Malaysian electrical online retailers. Shoppu vouchers are always updated with latest offers on all appliances and gadgets. They will keep you informed of the incoming and existing special offer to give you all the saving opportunities.

Redeem Live Coupons from Online Computer Retailers

If you are looking for the most updated deals, promos and coupons for a new laptop and computer products, make sure to use only a verified voucher code. Laptops should last for a long time to avoid frequent buying and save you money. That’s why it’s crucial to find the best price and special offers on top quality brands like Asus, Acer, Dell and HP.

Vouchers for Discounts On Household Appliances and Mobile Phones

An exclusive Shoppu voucher code or coupon code can help reduce the total cost of buying home appliances. You don’t need to pay the full retail price on fridges, rice cookers, blenders and other home gadgets. Home appliances are items with the most updated coupons and sales that can be found in Shoppu and other leading online appliance retailers in Malaysia.

Who don’t want great discounts for newest smartphone brands like iPhone, Samsung, Motorola etc? There’s always a fantastic Shoppu coupon code to avail massive discounts that you can’t afford to miss. Shoppers may look for a better battery, a larger screen or just to buy the newest phone model, make it sure to use a Shoppu discount code when you order for your new gadget.